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Last week brought some good news: I applied to take a creative writing module as part of my MA and I was accepted! I wrote a two thousand word short story about lesbians in the '50s and apparently the course director (or, more likely, his TA) liked it enough to give me a shot. \o/

I'm already a bit nervous about it as I tend to loathe pretty much everything I write, but I hope that it'll be a learning experience. Two of my future housemates are also doing this module, so at least I won't be alone! The other modules I'm doing are part of the Enlightenment to Romanticism pathway: one on romantic poetry and another on the English novel. Next year should be a lot of fun! I mean, if you're a nerd.

This weekend I watched the leaked season premiere of Dexter, which I really liked even though I'd read spoilers for most of it. The storyline that has been set up is really new and interesting, even if it might not have the OH MY ACTUAL GOD D: cliffhangers of the previous season. Should be fun. I also hope that awesome Internal Affairs lady shows up again. :D

Psych was okay, although I'm not really a Shawn/Jules fan.

I have a couple of nearly-finished 1bruce1 recaps to post, but unfortunately it might not be for a week or more as I spilt water on my laptop keyboard last night. It needs to spend a few days drying off in the airing cupboard before I can use it again. Well done, me.
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Quick post just to say that I updated my userinfo, which I hadn't done for (literally) three years. Hopefully it's a bit more informative now than it was before.

Also, my cat says hi.

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Meme: List five or more of your fictional crushes, and then list five reasons why it wouldn't work out in real life.

(I'm doing my best to spread this out a bit fandom-wise even though I'm currently wifing pretty much everyone in DCU right now. And actually, why wouldn't a relationship with the Flash work out? Fuck you, meme, for denying me that.)

-Costume silly in real life; always heading off on suicide missions; couldn't wear fancy kryptonite jewellery without accidentally murdering him. My death probable during the act of supersex, alas.

Rawdon Crawley
-Gambles all day; no work ethic; died of yellow fever in the nineteenth century; probably had the syph as well, come to think of it.

Dexter Morgan
-No desire to be presented with bleeding corpses as gifts as can't even deal with dead birds the cat brings in; mother would never let me hear end of it if he was caught and went to jail. Also, his breakfast would gross me out every morning. D:

Bruce Patman
-Only lovable when crying like a little girl; constant fear that he'd slipped something in my drink; looks scarily like John Barrowman; probably wouldn't let me drive 1bruce1 anyway.

-Would want to name all the kids Gaston or Gastonia; overwhelming pressure to serve up five dozen eggs each day; suspect would turn out to be epically gay for the Beast.

I couldn't think of five reasons. D:
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I have to keep hiding my current desktop wallpaper from my parents, because I couldn't stand the inevitable teasing from them that it would produce. I don't even have a crush on Superman! My love for him is platonic. Unfortunately, half-naked Dean Cain is a damning witness for the prosecution.

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Found out today I got a First in my dissertation! The final title was "Wonder Tales:
An Examination of the Works of the Brothers Grimm and Angela Carter through Bakhtin's Theories of the Carnivalesque and Grotesque". I'm pretty thrilled. Towards the end of dissertation writing, I was having major attacks of Oh God Oh God I Should Just Give Up This University Lark And Go And Live In A Home For The Stupid Because I Am Too Thick Even For Fairy Tales.

And a book meme, just because.

1. Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?

My parents love to read, and read to me a lot as well. Being an only child might also have had an impact, but I don't think I can say so for definite. I know plenty of people who grew up with siblings close to their age who love to read, and vice versa.

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