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Quelle dommage! C'est Daniella Fromage!

The adventures of Ticca "Rikky Tikky" Ticcason, Girl Detective

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13 October 1986
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"Daniella Fromage" seemed to be an intellectual. She liked foreign films, modern poetry, French cuisine, and world travel. Her idea of a perfect evening was "a meaningful conversation in front of a crackling fire, with an opera on the stereo."
(Sweet Valley High #62: Who's Who)

archaeology, architecture, bakhtin, banu gibson, being daniel radcliffe's mother-in-law, billie holiday, bitchy manipulative female protagonists, boarding school adventures, cigars, clandestine meetings, close harmony groups, cocktails, crime-fighting cheerleaders, dexter, dickensian urchins, dinosaurs, disco-dancing hipsters, doctor who, double bass, egypt, girl detectives!, handlebar moustaches, harry potter, helga g pataki, high school aus, india, jewellery, justice league of america, krazy kat, latin, lottie and lisa, luna lovegood, making out, melodrama, musicals, narnia, orlando the marmalade cat, pin-curls, poorly-written b/a fanfiction, public schoolboys, puns, puzzle adventures, quentin blake, red lipstick, retiarii, retro fashion, robin hood, russia, sam cooke, screwball comedies, secret rooms, shakespeare, silent filmstars, sir thomas moar, sweet valley high, the mad mad mitfords, the mummy, the muppets, the sundays, there was much speed dial 3, tinhattery, trees, venture bros., vikings, wily odysseus, zoot suits

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